About Me

Hi everyone!, My name is Sarah. I am originally from Long Island, NY. But I have lived in Connecticut and Michigan for school. I currently live in Virginia and I am a full time physical therapist. I am an alumni of Quinnipiac University (Go Bobcats!) and The University of Michigan (Go Blue!). 

I am an amateur blogger (very amateur). I write this blog during my spare time as I am trying to eat every Ben and Jerry's flavor. 

I tend to be a little "sporadic" with posting on this page because of work and life in general. But I hope you enjoy the blog and I will post as much as I can.

Happy Eating!

I am in the middle, haha


  1. Hi, Sarah. Great blog.. looks like you and I are on similar paths... 100lids.blogspot.com
    Remember that Target and Walmart carry flavors that other stores do not.


  2. Hi, Sarah. I'm a journalist who'd like to interview you, couldn't find your conacts, please email me - Ido@room404.net

  3. Fun blog. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Hey, we are on similar paths too hahaha, it started with a bet in college and now it looks like it's gone too far but oh well, 13 years and counting. 133 flavors tried personally. Happy scooping!! https://www.facebook.com/BenJerrysFlavors

  5. OH! Great post..I was so impressed I've found this kind of blog..Thanks.

    Ice Cream