Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surprise Scoop Shop Visit & Hazed and Confused!

I went home this past week for spring break. My mom just moved to Virginia so we decided to check out the outlets that are close to our house because I needed clothes for my upcoming clinicals. We did some shopping at the Williamsburg Outlets and realized that there is a Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop in the middle of the outlets!

We went inside the scoop shop and saw that they had Hazed and Confused so of course I had to try it!

Ben and Jerry's Hazed and Confused is hazelnut and chocolate ice creams with fudge chips and a hazelnut fudge swirl. I know that Hazed and Confused is one of the new core ice creams that Ben and Jerry's recently came out with. But the scoop shop version of the flavor does not have a core. They have the hazelnut fudge swirl replacing the core. I guess the cores are only found in the pints?!?!

At first glance, it kind of looks like a vanilla and chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks. I did not notice the hazelnut swirls in the ice cream just by looking at the cup (maybe they were mixed in with the ice cream). I took the first bite and it instantly reminded me of Nutella - no surprise since Nutella is basically a hazelnut and chocolate spread. The hazelnut fudge chunks had a little bit more of a fudge/chocolate taste to them. And there was a plentiful amount of them in the cup. These chunks nicely complimented the hazelnut and chocolate ice cream. After digging deeper into the cup of ice cream, I still really didn't notice the hazelnut swirl. But maybe it was mixed into the ice cream.

Nevertheless, the flavors were not overpowering and this is a great flavor. I love hazelnut (I am actually drinking hazelnut coffee as I am writing this) and chocolate so this was a great combination for me.

I rate this flavor a 8.9/10.

I am going shopping next week sometime to pick up another pint. Hopefully I can find a flavor with the new core at my Walmart.

Thanks for reading and happy eating!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you like Pina Coladas

I had this flavor a little while ago but here is the review (what I remember from it).

Ben and Jerry's Pina Colada is Coconut Ice Cream with Pineapple Chunks. I think it was only available in the summer months.

The ice cream is smooth, creamy, & has a strong coconut flavor. Not a lot of pineapple chunks, wish there was more. The chunks have a nice crunch to them, even though they aren't frozen, and melt in your mouth. I kind of wish there was something more to the flavor though.

Grade: 8.2/10. Not as extravagant as other Ben and Jerry flavors but it can definitely satisfy a sweet tooth during the summer time.


New Ben and Jerry's flavors!!

I have been MIA (missing in action) for the past several months. I don't like to make excuses but I have been getting into the core of my graduate school work and research (but I feel like that is always my excuse). I also have 7 midterms this week but I needed a break and freaked out when I saw this:

Ben and Jerry's announced that their will be new flavors which will debut this month! The new flavors are Salted Caramel, That's My Jame, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Hazed & Confused.

They are also doing something that insures that every spoonful of their ice cream is perfect. And it is absolute genius. Check it out here:

Be on the lookout for these new flavors. I will see if I can get a hand on a new pint within the next week or so (after midterms).

Happy eating!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Liz Lemon Greek FroYo Review!

It has been a long time but here is the review!

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the FroYo flavor.

Liz Lemon is Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Blueberry Lavender Swirl.

When I first tasted this flavor, it reminded me of a creamy Italian Ice. It brought me back to the times where I ate Lemon Italian Ices during the hot summer nights. The lemon flavor is refreshing but it is not overpowering or sour. Regarding the Blueberry Lavender Swirl, I don't really taste the blueberry. I definitely taste the lavender. The swirl does not change the texture of the FroYo and it is swirled throughout the pint (see the picture). I also noticed that the actual Greek FroYo is not as sour as other Ben and Jerry's Greek FroYo flavors that I have tried. Overall, the lemon FroYo with this swirl is an interesting combination. 

I give this flavor a 8.5/10. I really like how it reminds me of a Italian Ice. But I do wish that there was a little more "pop" to the flavor. 

The next flavor will be Pina Colada!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coffee, Coffee Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Review

It is only fitting that I am reviewing this flavor right before finals week when I need all of the coffee I can get. So here is the review.

Ben and Jerry's Coffee, Coffee Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! is Coffee Ice Cream with Espresso Bean Fudge Chunks.

This flavor is awesome if you love coffee. Like all Ben and Jerry's flavors, the ice cream is very smooth and creamy. But to me, the highlight of the pint is the espresso fudge chunks. They are pretty big and there is a good amount of them in the pint. It is hard to scoop them out of the pint because of their size. I had to let the ice cream "defrost" a little bit in order to scoop them out and to not bend my spoon. But they are very chocolaty and they have the taste of espresso. I liked that the espresso flavor wasn't very overwhelming and it does not override the actual chocolate. The chunks are not soggy or melted and they have a nice crunch to them.

I give this flavor a 9.2/10. It is very simple yet flavorful.

I do not know what my next flavor will be. Finals week is coming which means that I will not have time to review. I am hoping to get a new flavor by the end of July/early August.

Thanks for reading!