Sunday, April 17, 2016

Save Our Swirled - Ben and Jerry's Pint Review

After two years of not posting anything secondary to life (aka physical therapy school) getting in the way, I think it is time to review a new flavor. The new flavor is............Save Our Swirled.

 Save Our Swirled is "Raspberry Ice Cream with Marshmallow and Raspberry Swirls and Dark and White Fudge Ice Cream Cones.

Save Our Swirled was made to help spread awareness about Ben and Jerry's climate change campaign. It is said that all sales from this flavor support Ben and Jerry's partners in the global climate movement to decrease carbon emissions to increase cleaner air quality and improve our environment.
Now to the ice cream itself. The raspberry swirls reminds me of raspberry jam and there is a good amount of it within the pint. The marshmallow swirl consisted more of marshmallow globs. The raspberry ice cream does not have a strong ice cream flavor and it is not overwhelming. I did not see a lot of white fudge chocolate cones within my pint. The dark fudge chocolate was plentiful and made the flavor whole for me.

Overall, not too exciting of a flavor but it promotes a great cause. I rate it a 7.8/10.
Nevertheless, I love the fact that Ben and Jerry's is more than just an ice cream company and tries to make the world a better place.