Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's a B&J classic. And this was the first time I tried it. Chunky Monkey consists of Banana ice cream with fudge chunks and walnuts (my mouth is watering already).

When I opened the pint, my naive self thought "Where is the yellow ice cream?" (since banana's are yellow on the outside). The ice cream was like an off-white color, which means that they didn't add any artificial stuff in it to make it look like yellow ice cream (since the actual banana is the off-white color). And you cannot go wrong with the fudge chunks as well (banana and chocolate is an awesome combo). The one thing I wasn't certain about was the walnuts. I do not like walnuts very much. But I feel like the overall flavor of the ice cream wouldn't be complete if there weren't any walnuts in it. The combination of the ice cream, fudge, and walnuts are PERFECT together. And all of the flavors were represented in every spoonful.

So I rate this flavor 10/10. What can I say, it is just an awesome flavor. Definitely one of my favorites

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Sunday again!!! You know what that means!! New Flavor!!!

Tonight, I will be having Chunky Monkey, a classic Ben and Jerry's flavor. I have actually never had this flavor before (weird right?? I know) but it is a classic. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well after about 5 days, I am finally posting a review

It's been a few days but I am finally posting a review on Chocolate Macadamia.

Chocolate Macadamia is "vanilla and chocolate ice cream with fudge covered macadamia nuts". I didn't really find anything extraordinary about this flavor. In some spoonfuls, there is just chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed together. And then you get the macadamia nut in another spoonful. It is nothing special in my opinion (in the name of the ice cream) or the flavors.

I rate this 6/10. The ice cream was still better than any other brand but there was just nothing special about it. Because of this, Chocolate Macadamia is a short review.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, that was good!!!

"Imagine Whirled Peace" is a great flavor. I finished the pint last night. I will be trying "Chocolate Macadamia" flavor next =) 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Next flavor...Imagine Whirled Peace!

Imagine Whirled Peace came into the ice cream world in 2008. This is the first time I tried the flavor. On the pint, it states  "caramel & sweet cream ice creams swirled with fudge peace signs & toffee cookie pieces". 

From B&J's website "When Ben & Jerry’s wanted to talk about peace, we couldn’t think of a better person to exemplify the message than John Lennon. Through his art and lyrics he imagined a world without war and asked us all to ‘Give Peace a Chance’. We hope this whirly mixture of toffee cookies and fudge peace signs enlightens your bellies and souls and makes you ask what you can do to promote peace in your lives".

From the first bite, I fell in love with this flavor. The fudge "peace sign" pieces remind me of "phish food" but the ice cream is totally different in flavor (duh). The toffee cookie pieces are not overpowering and i loved the combination of the two ice creams. What was great about it was that all of the flavors were balanced with one another. Every mouthful was so good and I couldn't stop eating it!!  

The one thing I would add to it is more fudge peace signs. Maybe other pints have more pieces but it just seemed like there was not a lot of the fudge circles in my pint.

I rate this pint 9.5/10 only because I was hoping for more fudge peace signs in the pint. Other than that, this flavor is definitely worth buying. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

This week's flavor is...PHISH FOOD

One of my all time favorite B&J flavors.

The flavor was launched on February 20, 1997. It consists of chocolate ice cream with caramel & marshmallow swirls and fudge fish. Ben and Jerry's announced that all of the proceeds of Phish Food sales would be donated to environmental work to restore Lake Champlain (source:  

The name of the flavor was named after the Vermont based band Phish. The ice cream was originally called Moby Dick and had alternate ingredients. B&J saw the potential for another music-based ice cream similar to Cherry Garcia (source:

Phish Food even has a Facebook fan page with over 19,000 fans

Once you open this pint up, you can't stop eating it. I eat all of the flavors with nothing on them (only the ice cream, no sprinkles, whip cream, etc). The texture of the ice cream is second to none and you can actually taste the caramel and marshmallows. There isn't a overabundance of any flavor; everything is balanced. One bite and you are hooked.

And the best part is the fudge "phish". One of the things I like to do is to take a spoonful of ice cream with a fudge phish and get the fudge fish by itself and eat it. I have been doing that since I was a kid.

So my rating is a 10/10 (I am also biased because this is one of my favs lol)
If you haven't tried this flavor yet, you are missing out.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So I made another blog about one of my favorite thinngs

So I am on a quest to try all of the Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors produced. I know that some of them are discontinued but I will try my best to try all of the flavors they have. I will "critique" (I am not a professional food critic but I do love ice cream) each flavor to the best of my ability. I will try to buy a new flavor every week. I hope that you can join me for the fun and to share the love for the greatest desert in the world.