Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Clusterfluff!!

Here is Clusterfluff. Great flavor, especially if you are a huge peanut butter or peanut fan (like myself).

Clusterfluff is Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Cluster Pieces, Marshmellow Swirls and Peanut Buttery Swirls.

Let me just say that this flavor is EXTREMELY peanut buttery. It felt like I was intoxicated and overcomed by the peanut butter smell when I first opened it. It was so strong and I wasn't expecting it! This actually made me believe that the caramel cluster pieces were just pieces of peanut butter or peanut chunks!
Speaking of the rest of the pint, I don't really taste the marshmellow swirls. I think the peanut butter swirl (along with the peanut butter ice cream) overpowers the marshmellow swirl (at least in my pint).

Overall, great flavor if you are a peanut or peanut butter fan. This is not for you if you don't really love peanut butter since I believe that the peanut butter is very strong.

I will be trying Ben and Jerry's new flavor Schweddy Balls next. I will try to get a review up ASAP because it is a new flavor.

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