Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is Cannoli! Finally! And Happy Holidays!

I finally got my hands on my first pint of Cannoli. I have been waiting for this since the flavor came out in late September. It is amazing how many stores have it here in New York but the closest store to me when I am in Michigan is over 30 miles away. I guess that is what happens when you go to school in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, here is the review.

Ben and Jerry's Cannoli is Mascarpone Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Cannoli Pastry Shell Chunks & a Mascarpone Swirl.

If you like extremely sweet ice cream, this flavor is for you. I found that the mascarpone ice cream is very sweet which is something you notice right away in the first spoonful. There are a lot of fudge covered cannoli pastry shells in the pint. They add a nice crunch to the texture along with adding another level of sweetness to the flavor.

One thing that I did not notice in the pint are the mascarpone swirls. I was thinking that maybe the swirls are blended into the mascarpone ice cream. If that is the case, I can't really tell the difference between the ice cream and the swirl. This could explain why the ice cream seems extra sweet.

I probably will not have another flavor until I go back to Michigan right after New Year's. I will let you guys know when I get the new Ben and Jerry's flavor.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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