Monday, September 5, 2011


The last couple of weeks have been crazy. It consisted of work, volunteering 6 hours a day, packing my life into boxes (again), moving back to school, and applying for graduate schools. And also trying to prepare for my senior year of college.

I moved back into my dorm room on the August 27th. Because of Hurricane Irene, the power in the dorms were going on and off. Fortunately, during the middle of last week, the power situation in my dorm room was finally settled and restored for good (no more random and spontaneous power outages while cooking, showering, etc).

Because of this, I stopped by Stop and Shop and they had so many different flavors of Ben and Jerry's. I literally stood there for like 5 minutes trying to decide what flavor I wanted. I finally chose STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE. I love cheesecake so I could not resist.

Also, I will start posting pictures of the B&J ice cream starting with the Strawberry Cheesecake. I now have a working camera (thank goodness).

I will be posting my review of Strawberry Cheesecake later in the week.

The B&J Fanatic is back!!!

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