Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally finished Red Velvet Cake

So that took forever!! I just finished most of my graduate school applications (thank goodness) so I may have more time to blog!!
I also think I am going to stop rating the ice cream flavors. They are all so good that the ratings don't really mean too much.

I also finished eating B&J Red Velvet Cake.

This flavor is pretty good. It is very smooth even with the red velvet cake pieces in it. Nothing really "pops out" in this flavor. It just meshes together nicely and the cake melts in your mouth just like the ice cream.

You can clearly see the chunks of cake in the ice cream. It's like ice cream and cake in one (which is awesome!).

Can't even see the cream cheese frosting swirl but trust me; it is there
Well, there you have it. Another flavor done and a ton more to go.
I just bought Clusterfluff and Smores this weekend so the next review will be one of those flavors

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