Thursday, October 11, 2012

Took a little longer than expected but here is Late Night Snack!

The new flavor is Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack!

This is Jimmy Fallon's flavor. Apparently, "Late Night Snack" was inspired after a sketch called "Ladysmith Snack Mambazo" which highlighted how much Fallon and his crew loved Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So, the Ben and Jerry's sent Fallon ice cream and the idea for a flavor partnership was born (copyright

I wanted to try this flavor for a while. I wasn't sure how the sweet and salty flavor combination was going to work. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate, caramel and...potato chips? Late Night Snack offers an unusual combination of ingredients that blend together to make one unique ice cream flavor. I was extremely interested to try this and see how the flavors work together.

Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters

The flavors going on in this pint were intense.You have the sweetness from the rich vanilla bean ice cream and the chocolate. Then you taste the saltiness from the caramel swirl and potato chips. This saltiness hits you and it makes for an unique mixture of textures and taste. I loved the sweet and salty combination from all of the flavors in this pint.

The chocolate covered potato chip clusters are not very crunchy (as a regular potato chip is). But the clusters actually melt in your mouth. The chocolate starts to melt once it hits your tongue and the saltiness from the chips intensifies and satisfies your taste buds.

And to top it off, the caramel swirl also adds that sweet and salty mixture to the pint which melts in your mouth.

I am going to keep on looking for Cannoli in other supermarkets near me. I also heard through the grapevine that Pumpkin Cheesecake is back on Walmart store shelves so I am going to look for that as well.

Thanks for reading!

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