Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Flavors?!?!?!?!?

So, Ben and Jerry's stated on Twitter today that they are going to share new flavors tomorrow!!!!! I am excited to see what flavors they created. Anybody have any ideas on what they came new flavors they came up with???


  1. It's the Greek Yogurt flavors. I saw them in Waldbaums! LAME! I thought they were releasing new Ice Cream flavors.

    1. I am actually excited for the new flavors. It is cool that they came up with this new product (I have never seen Greek FroYo before and I am not sure if any other company came up with a product like this). I know that some people wanted new ice cream flavors but, like every successful company, Ben and Jerry's needs to expand their market and make their products appeal to a variety of consumers. Greek yogurt and FroYo are very popular right now and I think it is extremely smart for Ben and Jerry's to mix the 2 ideas together to make a unique product that will definitely sell on the market.